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Thread: Terrorhurtz

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    i no :P

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    Ye cheers for that, im not going to watch it though because I can guess hat happens and I cant be bothered.

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    John did you rip that from the DVD urself? If so can you send us the final please

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    sorry not sure - dad did it

    ill ask him tomo

    he might of got stu or someone who did it all to send it him

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    Dave, do U not have the RR UK Championships 2006 DVD?
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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    Dave i just got the movie clip off maybe stu or someone dont know that long ago
    but u can get them off utube

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    Yer i got given a DVD, wanted to have a copy on my pc though. John i carnt see the final (turb vs storm) anywere on youtube, give us the link lol And let us know whats happenin about next weekend

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    yeah well not seen johnno yet but you can pop over pick her up ok

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    unless its out the way then someone going from staffordshire can pick it up

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