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Thread: The Returners Tournament

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    The Returners tournament is a spiritual continuation of the NSBFL. I say spiritual partly because a lot of the robots that would be seeded after NSBFL 7 won€™t be coming back for more, and partly because with the lack of televised Robot Wars the whole point of the NSBFL is kinda€¦ Pointless. Also, I did say I wasn€™t going to do another NSBFL. Martijn then took away the surprise of a tournament called the SBPTFL. I shall deal with him later€¦


    I need 12 people to enter 8 heavyweight robots. These can be vapours or real robots. If entering real robots, please either direct me to a website or post a Youtube video that showcases what it can do. There is no limit to how many vapours or real robots you are allowed.

    For people who don€™t have 8 robots they can enter, they can band together with other people in the same situation.

    Also, there will be middle, light and featherweight battles between rounds. I need one of each from everyone entering.

    Please either post stats in the topic, or give a link to where stats can be found. Don€™t just enter a list and expect me to go chasing round the forum trying to find them.


    I will not be accepting reserved places. Sorry.

    Robot and weapon rules

    Minimum stats required

    Name: Obvious
    Shape: Also obvious. If it€™s an odd shape, please provide a picture.
    Mobility: State what moves the robot, and how many of them there are. You don€™t need to tell me what powers them, but obviously the more info you give me the better feel I€™ll have for your robot.
    Weapon: Even if you have a passive wedge, it counts as a weapon. Give me at least a rough idea of the power.
    Armour: If you miss this out I will assume your machine has no armour. Please state armour type and thickness€¦ And I mean EXACT thickness. Saying €œThick Titanium€ will get you a €œThick Ear€.
    Turning circle: Obviously I need to know how manoeuvrable your machine is.
    Ground clearance: Again, I need to know if your machine can be gotten under. If you have skirts, state it or I will assume there aren€™t any. Also state how many there are, or I will assume you have two side skirts and no others.

    weight bonuses

    True walkers: 100%
    Shufflers: 50%
    Tracks: 10%

    I used to have a rule regarding misc drive types. Since there aren€™t any, this is revoked

    Passive weapons

    These are allowed.

    Interchangeable weapons

    No more than 5 set ups. If you enter a robot with more, let me know which ones you will be using.

    Cluster €˜bots

    1) 100% of a cluster €˜bot has to be eliminated, but any dead parts count heavily in a judge€™s decision.

    2) There is a limit to 3 parts in a cluster €˜bot.

    Misc rules


    I will not be as stringent about allowing unrealistic vapours in as I once was. The only time I will raise a complaint is if a vapour is very obviously overweight. However, if I think a vapour is likely to break down, this will happen to it.

    Another thing I should add is that I will be attempting to write fights in a realistic fashion, with realistic endings. Please don€™t complain if one of these happens to you.


    These are not compulsory, but feel free to use them.


    If I fudge up, please point this out in a reasonable fashion. A re-write will be offered.

    The arenas

    Like the NSBFL, The Returners features four arenas, to be drawn randomly for upcoming fights. The arenas are:


    This features four house robots occupying corner patrol zones, a floor flipper a pit, a pit release button and a wooden floor. OOTAs are possible. Basically, any type of robot can fight well here.

    The Moat

    The rammer€™s favourite, this arena features a wooden floor, but no walls. Victory can occur by beating a robot normally, or pushing it out of the arena. Fights can be very short here.

    The Metalworks

    This features a metal floor, and hazards where the house robots used to be. These are a bank of killsaws, two flippers that aim towards the centre of the arena, and a pit in the last corner. Like the Classic arena, any robot can use this arena to their advantage. OOTAs are possible.

    Last €˜bot standing

    There is a metal floor, metal walls and a roof. Roboteers can see their creations through a polycarb window. Basically the only way to win here is to slice, bash or flip your opponent into submission. No OOTAs or hazards to help you out here.

    The house robots


    Shape: Shaped like a hand and wrist.
    Weapon: The fingers are crushers running at 3000 PSI.
    Armour: 5 mm hardox mostly, but the back of the wrist is a 3 CM hardox counterweight to stop it overbalancing thanks to all the hydraulics in the front.
    Strengths: Unflippable thanks to huge weight, very punishing weapon.
    Weaknesses: Very very slow.

    The Militant

    Shape: Like T-Bone from series 5
    Weapons: Two side flame throwers and a 15 KG horizontal disc where the spike used to be.
    Armour: 6 mm steel.
    Strengths: Painful flywheel.
    Weaknesses: Maximum Velocity. In jokes FTW

    Uncle Tomahawk

    Shape: Like FrenZy.
    Weapon: Terrorhurtz style axe, but has two blades like + allowing it to also cause damage by spinning on the spot.
    Armour: 5 mm grade 5 Ti.
    Strengths: Good axe, quite nippy.
    Weaknesses: Axe can run out of gas, may sometimes be too powerful for its own good.


    Shape: Think Gravity, with Behemoth€™s scoop on the back. However, the scoop part is the front.
    Weapons: Front electric scoop, rear pneumatic flipper with Gravity style power. Was thought up before I€™d even heard of Gravity, so be quiet :P
    Armour: 4 mm hardox.
    Strengths: Very good weapons, also fairly quick.
    Weaknesses: Can flip itself over if it misses.

    NEWThe predicting gameNEW

    Since a lot of people like to predict outcomes, I€™m turning this into a side game. If you wish to participate, simply state who you expect to win, and how. For example:

    €œKillotine to beat Achilles via pitting€

    You get one point for guessing the victor, one point for guessing the method, and three for getting both right. If Achilles beats Killotine via pitting, you would still get a point in that example.

    Also, if you predict every result in a heat correctly, you get a bonus 3 points.

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    *turns off Caps Lock*

    Lets see...Ill enter...

    1. Wedginator 6.0
    2. Super Gore Evo
    3. Seung Mina III
    4. The Zenith
    5. Aftershock
    6. Tira III
    7. Shadow Zone
    8. Avarice




    Stats -

    Really hope you can keep this going if it starts, Franky. Cheers!

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    frank, I understand reserving isnt allowed, but I am planning on updating some of my vapours, is it ok to enter a list and perform updates before the eventual draw?


    With or Without you
    Axe to Fall
    Back to Rock 2
    Sheer Heart Attack
    Flick of the Wrist
    A Night at the Bar

    Storm II (need a video of that one?)

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    Middleweight: Blizzard MW
    Lightweight: Tiny Tengu
    Featherweight: Sith


    Salamander III
    Baldur Gamma
    Tengu VII
    Slammer (with horizontal claws, wedge, vertical spinning disc, shield and axe blades)

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    for my other weights

    MW: T-Minus
    LW: Ziggo
    FW: pff, I dont really know any FWs, any suggestion will do

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    Im entering these 8:
    Robots from Team Insanity



    3.Nitro-Gene 2.0



    6.Big Nipper



    Middleweight: Hazard
    Lightweight: Wedge Of Doom
    Featherweight: DTK


    € WEIGHT: 100kg

    € ARMOUR: 5MM monocque Hardox on front, rear and top. 4MM Aluminium Boron Carbide for the Sides and Base. Weight Reducing holes are drilled into the Monocque Chassis to reduce weight.

    € SHAPE: Box with Pointed (Triangular) Sides and Rear to lower spinner Effectiveness.

    € MOTORS: 2 x LEM 130 AT 46V = 18HP


    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 80CM (W) 80CM (H) 25CM

    € COLOUR: Black for the body, Silver for the crushing weapon. Now, on top, it has the name €˜AUTOISM€™ written in silver.

    € WEAPONRY: The weapon for this is still a Big Nipper style crushing/lifting arm, but instead of claws to lift with, it has a pair of pliars to lift and crush with. The pair of 3.25mm Hardox pliars works on the same system as the lifter as the pliars are part of the lifter to avoid being torn out by spinners. The weapon lifts and crushes with a force of 9 Tonnes, using a Razer-like mechanism for lifting and crushing! The new crushing weapon means that if flipped, the robot doesnt need to self-right.

    € SPEED: 23MPH

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0MM - 15MM. 4MM Hardox sprung skirts on the sides and rear make it a nightmare to get under.

    € STRENGTH: Power, Speed and Weapons make it a tough machine

    € WEAKNESS: Weak side armour.


    € WEIGHT: 110kg (Shuffler)

    € ARMOUR: 5MM Hardox

    € SHAPE: Invertible low cylinder

    € MOTORS: 2 x Eteks at 46V = 30HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 2 Shuffling pads

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 80CM (W) 80CM (H) 15CM

    € COLOUR: Black with scary human face with over sized teeth coloured red.

    € WEAPONRY: Ring spinner, made of 15MM Harox, weighing 38KG, spinning at 3500RPM and producing 205KJ per blow. It has 6 bluntened teeth made of Hardox. The teeth are set in a triangular set-up. It also has 5 Inches worth of Titanium shock-proof Foam to stop it self-destructing.

    € SPEED: 22MPH

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0MM-8MM. It has a full-bodied skirt running completely along the ground that raises when the shell is spinning, but drops when the shell isn€™t spinning.

    € STRENGTH: Scary name and weapon

    € WEAKNESS: Hard to control

    NITRO-GENE 2.0

    € WEIGHT: 100kg

    € ARMOUR: 4mm Hardox for the body. Holes are drilled into the slanted sides to allow for a 6mm Hardox flipper

    € SHAPE: Low invertible box with pointed sides and rear. At the front is a Storm 2 style wedge to end in getting underneath other robots.

    € MOTORS: 4 x LEM 130€™s at 36V = 36HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 6 Vulkanised Wheels.

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 80CM (H) 16CM (W) 60CM

    € COLOUR: Black all over with the flipper coloured red.

    € WEAPONRY: A full pressure Nitrogen powered flipper at 1000psi, using a single 80mm ram at 1000psi. The flipper is mounted in the middle of the robot, and is 20cm wide and runs 30cm up the body. Using a 3cm long Titanium strip underneath the flipper, and a heavy flipping arm, the flipper runs completely along the ground. Running on a reverse ratio, the flipper produces 1500kg of force at the tips, allowing me to launch anyone away.

    € SPEED: 19mph

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0MM-2CM. At the front, it is completely 0mm. On the unskirted sides/rear, its 2cm.

    € STRENGTH: Pushing power and weaponry.

    € WEAKNESS: High side/rear ground clearance.

    A.R.R.T.D.S (Annoying Ramming Robot That Doesn€™t Stop)

    € WEIGHT: 110kg (Shuffler)

    € ARMOUR: 5MM Hardox Monocuque. 600 Holes have been drilled in to reduce weight

    € SHAPE: Invertible box with flat front, sides and rear

    € MOTORS: 2 x C42-500 MagMotors at 60V = 60HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 2 x Shuffling Pads

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 90CM (H) 20CM (W) 90CM

    € COLOUR: Black/White stripes

    € WEAPONRY: None.

    € SPEED: 28MPH

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0-5MM - Skirts on all sides made of 5MM Hardox prevent anything underneath any of thr sides.

    € STRENGTH: Speed and power

    € WEAKNESS: No damaging weapons


    € WEIGHT: 100KG

    € ARMOUR: 5MM Titanium

    € SHAPE: Low box with a speed bump on top to give the axe a place to rest and prevent fast robots speeding over the top of me.

    € MOTORS: 2 x S28-400 MagMotors at 36V = 12HP

    € LOCOMOTION: 4 x Vulkanised wheels

    € DIMENSIONS: (L) 70CM (H) 26CM (W) 70CM

    € COLOUR: The body is black, and the skirts are silver with flames streaking off

    € WEAPONRY: An 8KG Terrorhurtz sytle axe, all made of Hardox. The head is blunted, and had Hardox spikes on the blades. It€™s powered by an 80MM 750PSI Bore ram. 2.5 tonnes of force at the axe. To protect it against spinners, 3 inches of Titanium foam is put in to protect it.

    € SPEED: 15MPH

    € GROUND CLEARANCE: 0MM-7MM. On the rear and sides are skirts made of 8MM Titanium. They are bolted down the middle with 1CM Titanium bolts. On the front is a fixed skirt, made of 5MM Hardox to get under things.

    € STRENGTH: Deadly to all Invertible robots.

    € WEAKNESS: Easily flipped

    :wink: Hope these suit you fine Frank :wink:

    PS. They all have 0MM Turning Circle

    (Message edited by paulc on January 16, 200

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