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Thread: Rampaging Chariots guild

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    I thought I would promote the project that the typhoon team moved onto after robot wars. A website has been put together.

    There is also a lot of information about the typhoon bots. I would highly recommend anyone looking at building a spinner take a look at the theory pages.

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    It looks very good. How many teams compete in total?

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    At last years competition around 40 robots were competing. This year the number could be closer to 200.

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    That is impressive. Divided over how many schools?

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    Generally each school or Air Training Corps Squadron has one or two machines.

    In previous years it has been Scottish based however there are now kits being sent throughout the UK

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    Expand the promotion to roboteers too (ala The UK Robotic Games) and I for one would be interested. Always helps to have a few big aerospace companies sponsoring events like this =]

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    This looks great!

    I have just emailed my teachers about this so we might be entering at least one robot.

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    Currently the only bots that are allowed to enter the competitions are the ones made from the kits.

    This is to stop someone (I have asked) turning up with a mag powerhouse with tracks etc.

    The project is designed to get kids into engineering and give them a practical use for physics and maths and it has been felt in the past that allowing any and all enter would detract from this.

    Feel free to get in contact with the guild though. I dont speak for them.

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