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Thread: Rampaging Chariots guild

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    i would ask my school

    but the dt teachers hate me [banned]

    looks like something a group of us roboteers could win though and doesnt cost that much

    could we do it?

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    I remember first seeing that robot design used by the Air Cadets for their group of entries at the UK Robotic Games northern heat down in Wigan back in 2005 and thinking Wow, that is what you call a fleet of robots

    There were only six of them there

    To now hear that there are around 200 of them on the go is incredile - it just goes to show how versatile and highly effective those machines actually are.
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    as my comment about my teachers was removed

    what i mean is that i dont think i should help my school compete in this as they moan at me everyday for doing nothing wrong and if we won this it would be another thing the ofsted outstanding school would brag about

    jeez that few days of ofsted was such a setup

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    Its always the same John, dont feel picked on. In two years of GSCE chem we did 2 practicals, 1 for coursework and one when OFSTED came calling.

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    Well my teachers like the sound of it and have already sent off the email to apply.

    We already have a team put together with some good ideas that i might borrow for whirlpool evo .


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    i wonna do this

    gary , could a few of us out of the FRA do this do u think?

    im sure i could find a few people?

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    It would be more productive if a number of roboteers took the project to a local school or young engineers club and helped them to build one of the machines.

    Believe me, a roboteer could have one of these things moving in less than a day. The challenge is not in building it but instead in giving kids and teenagers an idea of what engineering is about and to consider it as a future career. That is why SELEX were so interested in getting involved in a big way.

    As I said earlier feel free to get in contact with the guild and ask them directly. I can only voice what I think which may not be the same line that they take.

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    Helped out with the 2011 competition yesterday. Fantastic event with some great robots taking part (around 45 in total) getting nearly 200 teenagers interested in engineering and building bots.

    I'm guessing there will be an event update on the rampaging chariots website soon enough.

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    When I re-built the mini Rover back in February or so, I remember thinking about asking them if I could take it along to this year's competition along with the feathers as a bit of promotion for the RL event next week, but clearly I completely forgot about it! Just as well, as I raided Rover for some drill motors a couple of months ago
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Tony and I popped along to the 2012 Games today. A very well-organsied and tightly-run event with around 45 robots in attendance. The quality of the majority of the kits was superb, as well as all the individual customisations. The Guild and Selex have got a great thing going on here for the promotion of engineering and technology and hopefully it'll continue for many years.

    We went along to display some of our robots with the main intentions being to generate interest in the Robots Live event at East Fortune next weekend, hopefully encourage some of the Chariots teams to expand into featherweight combat and just help promote engineering in general. This was our stall set out on the 1st floor gallery. Plenty of robots!

    Each robot had an information card to go with it detailing the components and specifications, and people were free to walk about them and have a look at the insides.

    Scar, Drumroll, Reaver, Rover and Cicatrix:

    Eric, Eric Jr, Maxus Jr, Carcinus, Flatulence and Kiss My Asimov:

    Typhoon 2's very slick display area:

    The Assault Course:

    I don't want to fill the thread up with too many pictures, so the rest can be found here: ... ts%202012/

    So hopefully we'll see a few faces at East Fortune next weekend. Not sure how many of them were interested in moving into combat, or if they'll find their way here. We didn't have any FRA cards to hand out or web links; maybe something worth adding to the info cards for next time. But there were a few folk who didn't realise that combat was still going on after Robot Wars so with any luck, it'll have re-ignited interest for a few people
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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