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Thread: The most robots?

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    If we include all weight catagories, I have built 80 different combat robots (so far) and competed in battles with 72 of them. Can anyone out there match this stupid spec? Or am I just slightly mad. lol.

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    As a team we can only manage 16 total.

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    Lets have a think...

    3x Heavyweights (+2 internal rebuilds of UFO & Knightmare)
    16x Feathers
    2x Middles
    19x Ants (at a guess)
    Plus the 6WD all terrain bot i built for a company

    I sure theres some ive forgot. I have no idea about the amount of fights, i know the first 2 Merlins did about 80 fights each.

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    I guess with the majority of mine being antweights, its much more impressive the bigger they get. Moving up into featherweights now, and looking at putting another heavy together though, so the number can only go up.

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    hells teeth 1
    hells teeth 2
    hells teeth 3
    envy 1

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