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Thread: Proposed 100kg weight rule - East Mids and Yorks area discus

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  2. I dont see how allowing machines that were built for series 7 to be heavier would be a fair way of going about it, currently all machines are built for 100Kg +CO2, whether they were built 5 years ago or 2 months ago.

    As a team with 3 heavy weight pneumatic bots it would effect all 3 of ours, and i know of plenty of other teams that it would seriously effect. I can see the sense in having a set of international rules is a good idea, but how many of the effected machines are actually considering going to the USA or other countries?

    The reason for the featherweights taking to the included weight limit was; they were already been given the extra weight, therefore doesnt exclude any machines currently on the circuit, unlike it will with the heavyweights.

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  4. I didnt know Mario had moved to east Midlands!!


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  6. Well Geoff

    lets drop the weight to 80kg jus to shake things up, think it would leave Tanto and mighty mouse, and id still lose!

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