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Thread: Sidewinder available through

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    Size: 108mm x 82mm x 28mm (4.25 x 3.23 x 1.1) without optional mounting brackets
    Weight: 365 grams (13 oz.) as shown
    Voltage: 14V to 48V Supply voltage (50V absolute max, down to 6V with external 12V supply)
    Current: 80A continuous each channel (150A peak 5 seconds)
    Current Limiting: Adjustable from 10A to 130A (sets the limit for both channels)
    Over Temp Limiting: fixed at 200F or 93C each channel independently sensed
    Four quadrant operation with regenerative braking
    Thermal Control: MOSFETs mounted to 0.5 Aluminum bars bolted to case (see below). No fans required.
    Indicator LEDs: Speed and direction of each motor channel and general signal status
    Receiver battery eliminator circuit (BEC) standard - may be disabled. Provides up to 100 mA of current at 5V to the RC receiver and other attached electronic circuits
    Command Format: R/C pulse standard, TTL serial optional
    Calibrate button to match Sidewinder to radio or other R/C signal source
    R/C Inputs: Left/Steer, Right/Throttle, Flip (inverts steering response when activated)
    Drive Modes selected via jumpers:
    Left/Right Mix (default - right input acts as steering and left as throttle)
    Mixed Mirror Left (left mixed output command sent to both output channels)
    Mixed Mirror Right
    Left/Right independent (Tank)
    Mirror (both outputs mirror a single input)
    Failsafe shuts off motor if R/C signal is lost
    Six high-current wires (2 battery, 2 each motor) may be soldered or attached via #8 bolt and ring terminals
    Expansion header for planned on-board radio tranceiver and single axis gyro (future). May be used for other special add-ons
    FLASH-based microcontroller with upgradeable software via in-circuit programming header. Software may be customized for unique applications. Contact us if you have special needs for your application.

    email me for more info or
    Available to buy on
    £270 delivered

    My heavyweight robot, Wheely big cheese uses this controller, and doesnt even break a sweat.

    Does your robot use this controller????
    Let me know, Id like to put a pic of your robot on my website as a robots who use

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    It was recently reported by a number of roboteers that when changing from 40mhz control to the 2.4ghz Spektrum, their robot appeared slower, or less powerful.

    If you feel this might apply to your robot, you can try the 3 things below, and it should cure the sluggish tendency completely.

    1... re-calibrate your sidewinder to the new controller. This is easily done, you can get the instructions on how to do this here
    This has been found in the past, to cure 99% of all reported problems, and it is surprising how recalibration can keep your robot in peak condition. It is recommended you do this if changing radio controllers for sure, as there can be big differences, but also on the first morning of every event, as it sets your robot up to the specific atmospheric conditions on that day, maximizing the controller setup for maximum performance. It is a small tweek, but in competition, everything gained is a plus.

    2.... check you current limter is set correctly. Having it set too low makes your robot seem heavy and slugish. Be careful not to set too high though, or to switch off completely.

    3..... check your slew setting. This is your acceleration ramp adjustment, and setting it too low makes your robot seem heavy and sluggish. Adjust to your personal driving preference.

    Please keep all your feedback coming, email me with any information, technical observations, or problems, to ensure we keep the sidewinder at the top of the robot speed controller range.

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  4. RCC2 as well

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    It might be also helpfull to put the servo travel to 125% on the Spektrum TX according to Kenny and Gary, that may do the trick to.

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  7. might need a couple if the price is right

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  9. nearly said something i thought best not to

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