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Thread: Ancient Pictures?

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    This page is from a competitor of the German robotwars. They are still active, but not in heavyweights anymore.

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    Ive NEVER seen that pic of Dantomkia before...

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    Crikey, that is in deed an old pic of Dantomkia. Thats the very first robot that I built on its very first outing and looking at all the dents and litle holes, its right after its first fight ever. Against Tornado. It was their very first fight ever as well. Tornado won I might add.

    That version weighed 86Kg. After that event at Wilsons School (old times eh?) I took the robot home, tok an angle grinder to it, removed a large section, welded it back up and made a new lighter lid and gave it the ditinctive black and yellow paint work.

    Karolines rights, I did indeed enter series 4, won all my fights with ease, was told that I ad a place but in the end I wasnt picked. I vowed never to apply again and i didnt! The rest is history. LOL

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    a beer and a curry at your place?

    A quick enough answer?

    and stop moaning, it took you 3 days to respond to THIS post.

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    and whats more, I see I have posted 450 times while you have posted 2303 times. Shows that men only talk when somethings important, unlike females who talk because they have a mouth, lungs and vocal cords (no brains mind)

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    Cant work out how many days its been since you posted that.

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