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Thread: Membership for Organisation (School)

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    Nice to see that fighting robots is still generating interest else where. Would be good if you can give us an update as to the activities on the other side of the world. As you can see we have alot of events here in the UK and else where.

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    I am here with Gary from Creative Robotics.

    Our students may need some advice from our UK experts. I will be sending them here to get it.

    So be nice and helpful to them !!!

    Roaming Robots.

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    Hi, Im Eugene in Singapore. Im among a bunch of aspiring robotic warriors and we are having a wild time with John Finlay who is in town to host the fighting robot workshop for a whole 5-days session. we are into the 3rd day today. Yesterday was a day of mayhem.. we had our robots, all built up of cardboards, equipped with servo & all and tearing limps off each other in the arena. Was fun & exciting. We are hoping we will have the opportunity to continue into the future & maybe have our own official Robot War TV show in Singapore. We are all excited to proceed on to built larger, heavier & meaner robots as we go along. One day we will have to fly up to the UK with our robots & fight our way to robot war in UK.. who knows.. time will tell.

    We are about to start building 12kg feather weights, with weapons, we are decideing on whats best... axe, flipper, or lifter, or crusher... we are using an electric motor.


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    i would suggest a lifter in my opinion the easiest one. i myself use a lifter in my feather weight

    however axes are cool and can do alot of damage

    tell us what you choose and if it worked

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    i like axes

    Welcome to our world .....



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    axes are great fun to watch but i think the crushers are best... brute force!

    Only thing with crushers is its difficult to get enough power into one to actually crush a machine so they tend to be more grabers. however a good grabber can easily take out its rivals! good luck with the competition post some piccys. you never know you may be battling us some day soon!

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    Its great fun isnt it? We are just mid-way to completing our first 12 Kg combat robot. The main transport is finished and well thinking through what would be a good weapon to adopt. Its approaching the evening over here... looks like its gonna be a sleepless night... In the meantime, were just have driving this new baby around.. got to brush up on remote control (navigation) skill as well!! Will keep you guys & gals informed as we progress onward.


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    if the weapon is electric then mabee try and build it into a lifter to lift your opponents drive and pushing them at will. there was a sucessful robot called Panic Attack also i think jonno has a robot there called Pain in the Asp which is a very good example and 1 of my favourite feathers. i find it very exciting that there are a new bunch of budding roboteers in another country and we in the uk welcome you all to the sport of roboteering. you can check my profile for my personal email address and feel free to ask for anythink to help you on your way. you do have there 1 of the best tutors so you wont go far wrong. i will be looking here every time i log on. again welcome and enjoy battling robots

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