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Thread: Membership for Organisation (School)

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    I like the one with the claws too.

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    White one please, has the lowest front otherewise i would have gone for the claws

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    Ya, the battle is drawing near.
    The robo soldiers in frenzy are still working.
    Through the remainding hours, some are panicking.
    The way of the warrior robots.. is just the beginning. Here in Singapore it seems.
    Theres no turning back to the beginning.
    Soon the battle field will be calling.
    At the end, untill the last one stands...
    What will be left shall be shattered chassis and trembling hands.
    Some roboteers will cheer and some will tears.
    May the force be amongst them.

    The Official Robot Wars!
    Book your tickets quick !!

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    dont know what its like in singapore but you guys sound serious. can you please let us know some names so we can mourn the losers and praise the winner.

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    botmad's Avatar

    money in the bank swanny you owe me 20.00
    any reslts yet ???????
    come on flat top ..........

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    I hope the clawwed one wins. That looks gnarly.

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    Come on, polycarb and random piece of wood! :P

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    shane and pete you both owe me money

    the claw one won

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    really? gutted

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