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Thread: Ripper

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    I demand the new one be called Ripper REVO please

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    Base cut, and bent.
    Motor mountings made.
    Wheels made and gears attached.
    Ram / valve tested and mounted.

    Got a full day on it tomorrow so hopefully will get a lot done !!

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    Forgot about this thread, this must have been when i was building the new one !! Been a while.

    Current Spec.

    Winter Tour Champion
    2011 Uk Champion

    Having had a bad event at worthing even though it won.... the big ball valve didnt fire once !!! Grrr it has already had a complete strip down and some upgrades this week.

    Upgrades include

    Extra 1.1kg of gas giving a total of 3.3kg now, so should get more big flips.
    More flow, better opening of the big valve... hasnt worked properly since the O2
    Shifted some weight forwards
    Tried to strighten the top pannels as they are like banana's thanks to thor !!

    The new gas bottle will arrive tomorrow so a quick test tomorrow night and its ready for portsmouth !!!

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    Ripper is all stripped down to the bare shell ready for its Xmas TLC.

    New wheels as the old ones are worn out, don't want to loose to pick again.
    Bit of replumbing to solve a few gas leaks
    New paintjob !


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    dont go crazy and do another random paint job lol

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    no, im happy with rippers paint job it'll be the same !!! :-)

    the new heavy might have a random one !!
    OOo excited about starting the new HW this week !!

    Massive tidy up and clearout, so more bits for sale on the forum first though LOL

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    Ripper has had a fantastic year, It just goes to show if you put the effort in you get the rewards and everyone knows the effort and constant development that goes into Ripper !!

    2012 Dublin winner,
    2012 Guildford winner,
    2012 Maidstone winner,
    2012 Gloucester winner.
    2012 Winter Tour Champion !!

    Tomorrow it will be stripped to a bare chassis, new wheels required again as these have worn out, new base to the ram as this one still leaks, and a nice new bling bling paint job me thinks ready for Dublin in January all being well !!

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    When will the Gloucester photos be uploaded on the site Jon? Was my first RR event and very much enjoyed it.

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    We had the local college come and film the event, and take the photos.
    We are still waiting for the finished photos and DVD to arrive.

    As soon as they are with us they will be on our Facebook group.


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