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Thread: Ripper

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    Thought id join the club and give ripper its own thread.

    Ripper has been slacking over the last.... 3 years..!!!

    Although suprisingly did quite well in the finals of the Winter Tour.

    If steve has his way then we will spend a little time giving it some tlc, mainly, rewelding the broken Ti bits which have been bodged by me with steel.

    And making the wheels round again not square!!!!

    Mind due, i say that, but i bet i dont have time, and it will be used again in the same state its in.

    Myself and steve have an ongoing debate, we both agree we need to build a new one, however

    I say build it smaller, steve says build it bigger !!!


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    less is more

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    well you went on and made a smaller one even though steve wanted a bigger one!

    ill have my own thread soon when one of my fans make one for me

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    ripper has just jumped from being a good robot to being one of the best improved robots this year. man it was looking very very good at the champs. i am sure he is doing one or 2 more small mods but what a robot and what a driver. i am sort of jealous now. liam should have some vid footage of it on you tube shortly and its well worth a look if you wernt at the uk champs.

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    oi.... its Ripper EVO.

    The old ripper is coming back for the winter tour.... floppy sccop which comes off, ratling bolts, no pannels..... you know you all miss it !!

    I was chuffed with Evos performance, few tweaks and im going for the winter tour championship !!

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    you have to get past envy for this one. i have plans too

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    easy peasy.... your batteries will go flat.... storm force showed you whos boss !!!

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    HA HA, i just re read my post above !!!

    No body can say i make idle threats !!

    I was chuffed with Evos performance, few tweaks and im going for the winter tour championship !!

    Those tweaks certainly worked.... and watch out for 2009, where I have a few more plans for improvements. Terrorhurtz....more like Terror-doesnt-hurt LOL

    That final fight was the best feeling in the world !!! Better than Robot Wars itself !!! you were unlucky you ran out of gas john, I knew what your tactics would be, and you did a good job !! Looking forward to fighting you again !!

    So my arch nemisis has been beaten... two more to go which I always loose to...

    Big Nipper and Iron Awe - 2009

    Ripper Evo - Winter Tour CHAMPION 2008!!!

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    terror doesnt hurt

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    Well done for winning a major tournament!

    About time U beat Terrorhurtz Jonno!
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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