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Thread: Ripper

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    Up yourself by any chance John? Hehe

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    What are u trying to ask him Tom? Oh and Tom, u got any schoolwork to get over and done with, ur welcome to send me an email at any time, Havent heard from u as much as I used to:sad:
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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    liam, i can send you a email with all my school work if u want? ud be busy for the next 3 months but ill even pay u to do it lol

    ur the only robot i want to beat now!!!! i do like how u copied beast with the rubber mounts though - atleast some1 likes to copy us

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    kan opener is amazing

    and ripper is prob the most active bot around lol

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    christopher... its Ripper Evo which is active at the moment, the old ripper is now retired as it is far too old, bent and been terrorhurtzd too many times.

    The Official Robot Wars!
    Book your tickets quick !!

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    The Official Robot Wars!
    Book your tickets quick !!

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