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Thread: My robot is harder than yours!!

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    i think razer is far to manoverable for you james. however wbc and kan-opener would be interesting.

    thinking about it. if i bring venom back to events i wouldnt mind a pop at scorpian evil

    & with predator id love to fight ploughbot but that wont happen lol

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    maybe one day we shall see . considering you would go straight up the wedge without hiting anything except maybe an 8mm ti plate hmmm... venom likes flat bots. you never know, it would be interesting

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    yup an 8mm ti plate. then behind that the arm.

    would be interesting. i doubt anything would happen to the wedge as its very shallow and its hardend steel so a fast disc wouldnt do anything. however what happens when it gets to the top would be interesting. you never know, if Venom fights competitively we shall find out.

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    Interesting topic JB,

    Go on James, give evil a shot lol

    40kj of energy Geoff? As my team mate Ed told you at Colchester I will fight scorpion if given the chance with Turbulence. And yeah I am crazy Would be a fun fight. Hopefully we will get a chance to fight it out at the UK champs Will be a good test of the new armour.

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