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Thread: PA V Stinger

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    The Series 5 match-up between Chaos 2 and Smidsy (when they called for the match to be restarted) I thought was a bit suspect to favourable judging on Chaos 2s behalf. After beaching Simdsy against the arena wall Chaos 2 flipped itself over and cracked the polycarb panels on the flipper in such a way that it couldnt self right again. Now the way I saw it was that Chaos 2 ran out of gas and was immobile but Smidsy was still moving its jaws and running its wheels. Surely if they had been against another robot that wasnt Chaos 2, Refbot would have dislodged them from the arena wall to allow them to carry on fighting? It just seemed to me as if the makers didnt want yet to see Chaos 2 put out of the competition.

    I havent got anything agaisnt Chaos 2 by the way, I think its a great machine - I just think this battle should have had a different outcome.

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    What about Razer v Behemoth in the 1st world championship final?Im sure Razer was on its side for more than 30 seconds, but the producers wanted it to win, so the judges didnt deem it immobile like they should have done.

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    This. Thread. Is. OVER. TWO. YEARS. OLD!!!

    Dont bump old threads.

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    speaking of rigging the producers tried to get storm 2 disqualified from the semi finals in the 7th wars (not shown on tv)

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    When will people stop bumping threads that have no value any longer?

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    oh sorry :sad: :sad: just wanted my oppinion expressed

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    Yeah well, this thread was made in 2006. Somebody bumped it after almost 2 years and I told them off for's not too good to bump dead threads. Especially when your post doesn't have anything to do with Panic Attack vs. Stinger.

    Also, where did you get that info about Storm II?

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