im sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but its where i thought would be best to post.

ok, im doing D&T systems and control for GCSE this year, and for my project, i am making a goal counter. every time someone scores, the ball hits the touch pad, andn lets the system know a goal has been scored. the new score is then put up on a 7seg digital display. If anyone here knows much about digital control, i would like your help please. i need to design a lot of logic gates in a manner, so that they can count, like, when i switch it on, they tell the 7seg display to show 0, and then when they receive a signal, they say to switch to 1, and so on. this is going to be very hard work, and my teacher has never used them in his life, so hes no help. If you are able to help in any way, then could you please. If you would like to contact me outside of here, my email is