Hello. So, now the University Challenge has aired on Sci-Fi, Ive decided to do my own Wooty Review. And if you STILL havent, or cant, see it...well...Ill be as descriptive as possible.

Well...this seems like an easy victory for Behemoth. Well, actually, its THEY who start in trouble. Namely from Infernal Contraption. Still, they seem to take the blows.

So then, they decide to take on C.V. They flip them. End of story?

Err, no! They flip them back over. And, with that, all of Behemoths power is undone. They push C.V into the CPZ, move towards the centre of the ring...and stop! Thats right, they stopped. The team were NOT happy at all. C.V. and Infernal Contraption decided to attack its carcuss and then the house bots took it from there.

Its THEN we find out what had happened...a wire in their power link had come out. If only they hadnt been kind and flipped C.V back over. Guys, your fight with Diotoir was about 3 or so wars ago, its evolved!

Well, this one was over quickly. Well, not the battle, but the fight was. Each had a slam or two on the other, then Tiberius grabbed Fluffy in its claw, made a hole...and that was it. It never let go, and I think Fluffy broke down at that point. The only funny bit after that was at the end when it looked like anyone of them could have fallen down the pit.

For those who are interested, Growler pushed Tiberius and Fluffy down. Fluffy went out.

Fight of the night without a doubt. It was first Infinity making the charges, ramming Infernal Contraption into the wall, then into Sgt Bash. It did this for a while or two.

Then, Infernal Contraption came back...one hit from the disc and one of Infinitys pincers buckled. An air trip by Sir Killalot, and then Infinity was back in the game, pushing its foe around.

In the end, it went to the judges. They went for Infinity...which I was glad about. Its not that I dont like Infernal Contraption, I just dont want to write its name again (it barely fitted on the piece of paper!).

First things first, was C.V the same as Cataclysmic Variabot from the first Extreme? The one who lost its mayhem to X-Terminator and Panzer Wraith? Because everything, even the design, looks the same.

Oh, the fight...well, it was closer than expected. C.V. got a few axe blows in, but Tiberius then grabbed it, opened the pit and pitted it. Plain and Simple.

Ill give Infinity credit for hanging on in there. Thats literally all they had. Their weapon buckled halfway through, but Tiberius only made one lasting impression during the whole fight. As a result, this final was very disappointing, nothing but Tiberius ramming Infinity into anything, hardly using its crusher effectively at all. Shame.

Oh well, Tiberius won. Hopefully, the Commonwealth Carnage will be better. Kudos for the Next Week producers for showing me what Bondi-titch looked like, but NO Kudos for also showing what happened when Mr Psycho got in that infamous spot of bother with Firestorm! Ill say no more...