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Thread: Fantasy Robot Wars

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    Forgot this thread was here, I think Ill play:

    1. Roadblock
    2. Panic Attack
    3. Chaos 2
    4. Pussycat
    5. Razer
    6. Tornado
    7. Typhoon 2
    8. Hypnodisc
    9. Supernova
    10. Terrorhurtz
    11. Behemoth
    12. Firestorm
    13. Stinger
    14. Thermidor 2
    15. S3
    16. 101
    17. Bigger Brother
    18. Dantomkia
    19. Storm 2
    20. Dominator 2
    Jamie McHarg
    RogueTwo Robots

    With great power, comes great reliability.

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    Here is the format for the competition:

    The 50 robots will be split into 5 groups of 10, from a random draw. The battles begin with two 5-way melees, with 4 from each surviving. Then it is straight knockout until 2 teams are left.

    The semis will contain 10 robots, half in each. The final will contain two from each semi-final.

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    The deadline for entries is tommorrow morning at 6am. I will then announce the groups which I have chosen at random for the fantasy tornament.

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    Here are the groups, Im afraid that entries from now on will not be able to win:

    Group 1: Ming 3, Mortis, Terrorhurtz, 101, Tornado

    Group 2: Major Tom, SMIDSY, King B Powerworks, Diotoir, Hypno-disc

    Group 3: 259, M2, Gemini, Thermidor 2, Chaos 2

    Group 4: Napalm, Mousetrap, Wheely Big Cheese, Behemoth, Road Block

    Group 5: Kronic 2, Splinter, Supernova, Dominator 2, Panic Attack

    Group 6: Sir Chromalot, Atomic, Bulldog Breed, S3, Firestorm 5

    Group 7: Mega Morg, Suicidal Tendencies, Stinger, Typhoon 2, Bigger Brother

    Group 8: Aggrobot 3, Plunderbird 5, Steel Avenger, Spawn Again, Razer

    Group 9: Grim Reaper, 13 Black, 3 Stegs to Heaven, X-Terminator, Pussycat

    Group 10: St. Agro, Fluffy, Dantomkia, Storm 2, Wild Thing

    Good Luck to everyone who is taking part. Results will be posted here at regular times during the next few weeks and then the winner will be announced.

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    Well, you cant have a toruny without predictions ya know...

    GROUP 1
    101 has the least effective weaponary of these guys, so they go out. Tornado is too strong pushing wise, Mortis and Terrorhurtz have those nasty axes, and Ming 3s a good bot too.

    GROUP 2
    Depends which Major Tom youre using. If its the S7 one, it will go out. If its the S6 one, it will probably be King B or SMIDSY out. Hypno-disc may also have a worry...its blade could get clogged up by Diotoirs fur.

    GROUP 3
    I see M2 going through no matter what. Who goes through with it is anyones guess, as 259 has no srimech, Gemini is too lightweight, Chaos 2 is too powerful, and Thermidor has weak armour.

    GROUP 4
    Unless Wheely Big Cheese or Behemoth breaks down, I see either Napalm, Mousetrap or Roadblock going out...whoever is flipped over first.

    GROUP 5
    I see a grudge match between Panic Attack and Kronic 2. Dominator should go through, and I think either Splinter to be torn apart or Supernova to knock itself out.

    GROUP 6
    I think Sir Chromalot is the most likely to go out. Atomic, Bulldog Breed and Firestorm have good flippers...and who can forget S3s disc.

    GROUP 7
    I hate Stinger, Suicidal Tendencies is of these two will go out. Mega Morg, Typhoon 2 and Bigger Brother are too good.

    GROUP 8
    I sense ANOTHER grudge, this time between Razer and Aggrobot. Plunderbird 5 will lose, as it has no srimech and weak armour...perfect for Spawn Again and Steel Avenger to attack.

    GROUP 9
    Whilst I think X-Terminator and Pussycat will survive, Im not sure about the others. Grim Reaper cant finish its foes off, and 3 Stegs 2 Heaven and 13 Black are unreliable...

    GROUP 10
    Dantomkia and Storm 2 to survive, Wild Thing will outlast them all, and I think if St Agro can just avoid the blade, Fluffy will break down or something.

    There, Ive mentioned all 50 robots.

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    Well Im pleased to announce the first two heat results. The others will be announced every Friday.

    I have changed the battles so that it is annihilator style, the first to go out gives you nothing, and the others give 2, 3, 5 and 15 points depending on their finish.

    HEAT 1
    Ming 3, Mortis, Terrorhurtz, 101, Tornado

    The first battle never took place as Mortis broke down before the battle. In the second, 101 was pushed by Tornado into Growlers jaws, where serious damage occured. In the third, Ming didnt stand a chance but put up a good fight for a judges desicion. The heat final, and Terrorhurtz kept bashing the top of Tornado and won via the judges.

    Ming 3- 3 Pts
    Mortis- 0 Pts
    Terrorhurtz- 15 Pts
    101- 2 Pts
    Tornado- 5 Pts

    HEAT 2
    Major Tom, SMIDSY, King B Powerworks, Diotoir, Hypno-disc

    Major Tom were almost destroyed by Hypno-disc devastating disc, followed by a flaming Diotoir in the second battle. SMIDSY failed to start the third battle, and in the final, Hypno-disc felt the power of Mr Psycho, which caused damage inside the bot, meaning a loss for them.

    Major Tom- 0 Pts
    SMIDSY- 3 Pts
    King B Powerworks- 15 Pts
    Diotoir- 2 Pts
    Hypno-disc- 5 Pts

    Two great heats, two major shocks.

    FANTASY RW TABLE (after 2 Heats)
    David Weston- 32 Pts
    Lenny- 27 Pts
    Glen Doherty- 25 Pts
    Matt Fowler- 20 Pts
    Martyn- 12 Pts
    Christopher Mason- 12 Pts
    Alistair Walker- 5 Pts

    Please remember these are not the full results.

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