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Thread: Favorite Bands/Gigs

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    Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Blue Oyster Cult, Guns N Roses, and U2

    New ones I like are Hoobastank and some others

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    Mad Matt, B.O.C. also did a couple of songs that were co written by M. Moorecock, the writer of the Elric books. They were Black Blade and Veteran of the psyhic wars.
    They also did a song that I would think was played all over the USA last Wed (3rd) GODZILLA.
    That is as it was his 50th birthday(50 years since the first film was released in Japan.)

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    Massive fan of most rock and metal music, such as Linkin Park, CKY and Sum 41, but Im a big fan of the old guitaur masters like Queen, Def leppard, Aerosmith and Lynard Skynard (sp ?)

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    Aparently Sum 41 have some music in the new Godzilla film, not sure what though.

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