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Thread: GyroBot

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    No worries.

    Gonna be sticking an english hydraulic tank in it after I see Jamie at the weekend, hope the rest of the robot doesn't want independence from it...

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    What happened with tiberius?

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    you can take altus off the list. probably wont be done in time and won't be a restoration of the grim reaper. if anyone wants the grim reaper and is willing to come to reigate they're welcome :P

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    Wheres Storm Force? Also, isn't Mute currently in bits but almost there according to the team?
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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    Not a good list at all really .

    I saw Mute last year, not really in bits, just needs batteries and ESCs and it would've been ready to go.

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    Nice, would love to see it this year. I miss seing that spectacular srimech that doesn't fail to amuse us

    I heard recently from Adam in the safety discussions they were trying to get it running again which sounds a good sign
    Liam Bryant
    Team Bud

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    Mute will hopefully be back this year unless we do something silly like blowing up all the new stuff.

    Were currently just waiting on the speedo to turn up so we can fit it and see what room we have for batteries, then its a bit of wiring and Mute will be ready to run

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    Just an update post on the Latest Gyrobot :

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    well at least you have a good and exciting way to chop firewood this crimbo! Good work

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