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Thread: I really want to see this episode

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    Does anyone have ANYTHING of this episode? A video tape or SOMETHING? I really want to see it. Why did the BBC do this? Its not fair! I WANT TO SEE THIS EPISODE!!!

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    Well, I *do* have it on video, but its currently in Singapore. If you remind me about it in six months or so, youre welcome to borrow it...

    I cant be the only one to have taped it, though.


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    Consider yourself reminded

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    Thats only 5 months:wink:

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    Argh. (I still owe someone a freebie DVD, too.) Thanks for the reminder - Ill try to chase people up. Really do nudge me in a month, though - Im badly snowed under at the moment and theres a good chance itll get swapped out.


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    For anyone who does want to see the episode I've found at least part of it is on YouTube which is great news!!

    Link to first part... if I come across anymore in my browsing I will post them too:

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