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Thread: *spoilers* Can we stick the review in this thread pl

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    Well Storm II have done it. I am sure a review will be posted up pretty soon.

    However, what happened in the Grand Final? So much confusion, from what I saw it looked like Supernova should have been counted out, but then Refbot pushed it back up the right way. Ok, but in the mean time Shunt was attacking Storm II for what reason? They were pinned up against the wall and Supernova came in for the kill.

    This seems like a grey area to me, should robots be counted out when they are stuck or is it up to the Houserobots to free them. For example in the Tsunami, X-Terminator fight if Tsunami had left it would X-T have been counted out?

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    i think storm 2 tried to attack shunt, and also is it just me or did i notice something come of storm 2 when it was upside down and supernova hit it???

    well done Ed

    P.S craig was always talking about the loss of storm 2 in the 7th wars.

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    Yes I did - but what I am concerned with is why the the technical head Mr Foxwell and the judges did not have control over the decisions of the house robots?

    I am looking forward to hearing from the builders, Ed etc who were there as the fight was so harshly edited that one minute Storm II was about to win, then it was tossed on its side and then back on its back again? :S

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    Youre saying the involvement of the house robots nearly made a fight unfair? Well, thats never happened before. :-)

    Being pinned against a wall has always seemed to be a grey area, though - see Chaos 2 vs SMIDSY in season 5, and Chaos 2 vs Tornado in Extreme (1). Storm were clearly running at the time they left Supernova on the wall, though, so its clear Ed was under the impression that theyd won and left Supernova alone.

    Since they seemed to be running at the end, too, what was going on when Shunt was attacking? Ed - were you just waiting for the end of the fight only to have Shunt attack you while you werent looking, or what? Very strange.

    Ill shut up and let the official reviewers do their bit, but Im looking forward to hearing from the roboteers - and I want to say well done to everyone, a most entertaining championship!


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    A wooty world championships, wootily reviewed. Wootily.

    ^Wootiest. Title. ever^

    Supernova vs Spartacus vs Hard

    A small pile up started immediately as Supernova attacked Spartacus, bounced off, cliping Hard as it did so. Spartacus took a big shot, and kept going. Hard took a small clip and died... Supernova isnt the ONLY one with reliability issues, methinks. Anyway, Spartacus could have grabbed Supernova with that nice claw, but Supernova didnt seem to want o let it and so the bigger machine took a lot of blows... Then Spartacus was going around in circles, but Supernova seemed stuck and it looked like itd be counted out! However, a shock didnt happen as Supernova recovered, only to become stuck again a little later. It looked to me as if Supernova could move, or have the disc spinning, but couldnt do both. Very odd. Twas a good opening battle anyway

    Winner: Supernova

    Crustacian vs Pulveriser vs Snakebite

    OK. Piercey called Snakebite Razer-esque... That doesnt mean you have to go and break down, Snakey! The dutch champs weapon then died for some reason, so Crustacian could easily shove it around. However thanks to Pulverisers shape, Crustacian didnt seem able to grip it... Then Snakebite, after being counted out, started moving and attacking Crustacian. Now I hought this was bang out of order... Snakebite was gone, and wouldnt go through no matter what they did, so why go for someone who still had a chance and potentially cause them problems later on?

    Winner: Crushtacian

    Tornado vs Ansgar 3 vs Storm 2

    sarcasmTwo English robots ganging up on the German. I didnt expect that!!/sarcasm
    Well, Ansgars weapon soon died, along with the robot when it went over a flame pit. Big shame, because in its qualifier it looked lethal:sad: So, German disposed of, it was a Tornado vs Storm 2 rematch. Tornado was on top for a while though as Storm was shoved into Dead Metal who... Made some sparks, and took some paint off. Scary. Thn Storm 2 came back and proceeded to come back where it left off in series 7... Battering Tornado everywhere. Tornado WAS on top for longer though, so the decision kinda surprised me. That and Storm 2 took damage, even if it was only to the paintwork.

    Winner: Storm 2

    Tough as Nails vs Typhoon 2 vs Rawbot

    Well, due to battery failiure Typhoon 2 failed to make the arena which kinda sucked as its a cool machine... And rawbot didnt last long with TANs efficient grab and pit technique.

    Winner: Tough as nails

    Supernova vs Crushtacian

    Crustacian drives forwards trying to stop the disc, takes a huge blow on the front which also takes something off one of the claws, which practically kills it off in one hit. Then Supernova hits it again and um...

    *Goes into Salesman mode*

    Crab sticks, get your crab sticks here! Tinned crab sticks, who wants em?

    Winner: Supernova

    Storm 2 vs Tough as Nails

    Tough as Nails grabbed Storm 2 and got shoved everywhere... Which wasnt helped when a tyre came off. Then a while later Storm 2 was trying to pit Tough as Nails, and things got interesting... Could Tough as Nails reverse and pull Storm 2 down the pit? The answer turned out to be no as the odd shaped machine wanished down the hole:sad: Fight of the night anyways.

    Winner: Storm 2

    Storm 2 vs Supernova

    A slight rehash of the series 7 grand final as Supernova hit Storm 2 a few times with the flywheel and got rammed around a few times... Then Supernova ended up on the wall and the dreaded C-word takes over. First off, Storm 2 then gets stacked by Shunt before Supernova is righted by Refbot. This is, were told, what normally happens as stacking a robot doesnt count as immobolising it. Then Supernova takes a pop at Storm and rights that, but it ends up on its back and cant push Supernova well at all, who gets some more hits in. Now... Based on what we saw I thought Supernova should have won... But the fight seemed waaaaaay too short for a 5-minute fight, so Im guessing a lot was edited out. Because of this, Im refusing to call if the fight was right or wrong, but these stacking double stamdards HAVE to stop.

    Winner: Storm 2

    So... Well done Ed and the rest of team Storm. If you could fill us in on what was missed, Id be very grateful.

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    Good fight but supernova needs alot of good driving if its gonna dodge storm 2(if they meet again)

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    I heard that Tsunami where told stacking Xt was not enough to win the fight, which is why they tried to flip them out
    I think it was correct of Refbot to right Supernova
    I think I saw in the backround Storm II attacking Shunt first
    I think Supernova should have won, though Storm II should not have been left on the side like it was. Bad luck that they ended up wrong way up but wrong that they where kept at the side. Hope that makes sense.

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    I didnt agree with that decision, Storm 2 did not push Supernova around and it was hitting Storm a lot even if it was cosmetic, I thought Stacking was not enough for a win and if so then Storm were stacked for quite a while as well

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    Hmm, interesting comments guys. I feel that on the basis on what has been said the decision seems less concrete. The curious thing is that after watching the fight I do not know if Supernova was stacked. The gyroscopic forces of the disk resulted in the robot being thrown off balance after Storm II got a lucky hit on the left side.

    How long was Storm II up against the wall?

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    Storm 2 didnt stack Supernova...

    Supernova stacked itself

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