I am posting on behalf of Toby Wheeler, the head of the European Knex K*bot council


My name is Toby Wheeler and I am the European co-ordinator for the K*bot World Council. I imagine this is the first time you have heard of K*bots so I will explain it shortly. The purpose of this thread is simple; K*bots has become a massive success in America and now, for the first time in its 4-year history, the Championship is becoming worldwide in the form of a World Championship involving nations outside of the USA.

Joining the line-up in 2004, in addition to the USA, will be the UK, Mexico and the Philippines. Our goal is to introduce at least 3 more European countries (and Canada) for the 2005 World Championships, and we are looking for people over 18 to organise events in their countries, to act as Qualifiers for the World Championships in 2005. Winners will be invited to attend the World Finals in Las Vegas, USA in July 2005.

So, what are K*bots? Well, they are constructed entirely out of K€™NEX parts and weigh no more than 1.5 kg (3 lbs). There are 2 types - manual and mechanised - competing in 5 Divisions. The competition is aimed at 8-16 year olds and has proved massively popular in America, and has had no problem getting off the ground here in the UK.

There are currently 3 official websites for K*bots, which will tell you nearly everything you need to know about the competition and the K*bots themselves. The URLs are:-

K*bot World

If anyone is interested in running a competition in a European country outside of the UK, or would like further information on K*bots not provided on the websites, please contact me on the e-mail address given in my profile.


Toby Wheeler
David Weston