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Thread: No wooty review today either

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    Damn those links. Good enough show anyway. I like Dantomkia a lot. The world champs next week looks very good from the preview, even though there are only 12 robots.

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    Hi Ewan, yes, you are correct. The link did indeed come out again. Due to a broken retaining arm that holds the link in. It was broken at the end of the Gravity fight and it was unrepairable during the time that I had.

    Stu drove very well and he deserved the win.

    I didnt think that the first 4 way melee was cut right. It showed Dantomkia doing all of the work. Stu and PC did a lot of damage to King B. Stu should get a lot of credit for that.

    if PA had a Sri Mech it still wouldnt have mattered. Theirs is a slow electric actuator. They wouldnt have been able to self right in time. They did have it with them but decided not to fit it due to its slowness.

    PA fought very well and they did in fact get Dantomkia up on their forks once. I thought that it was punture time but we got away with it.


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