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Thread: Quite a weird final... Reviewed at last! Wooty

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    We are talking about the Enginuity Robot Crusade league final, Mute V Ripper. Ripper won by stacking Mute on the side wall (self righting didnt work again), but after knocking Mute off the wall, Mute scooped Ripper up and slammed it into the corner of the arena. Ripper then blew is polycarb off and snapped a couple of welds on it chasis. This left Ripper hanging on the arena wall. The crowd were behind polycarb about 6 feet away, so they thought Ripper blew up , it was a good hit


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    No one was flipped out, a few came close. We manage to hang Ripper on the arena wall twice and they were close to putting us through the arena wall bars, but Mute hung on. One chance that was missed was by Air, Might mouse drove a good way up their flipper, but Shane didnt let the flipper off until Might muse had fell off.
    Hopefully Sam/Andy will release some of the footage, I wouldnt mind see Mute flipping the washer with Big Nipper still attached.


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    I read your report after you posted it, pretty good.
    The reason I wanted to see it again, was to see if it looked as funny as it did from the drivers booth, it certainly made me laugh. Its was a pity Big Nipper couldnt get the washer to stay on Mute when they put it on top, it would have been the first washer in orbit (stupid thing kept sliding off)


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