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    Right this is a new website run by us... the roboteers.
    It is a sub section of so carries all the features from the main site.
    The site is due to launch this week and i hope you will all pay a visit.
    if you cant wait to have look the store and forum are already up:

    The store is a small place where you will be able to purchase things such as speed hacks all the way up to a whole antweight kit. hopefully this will grow as more and more people become aware of the site.

    The forum is a nice little community ran by me, scott fyre-jamieson and criag danby (FRA ant rep).
    It is also modderated by all of the cru.
    It is the first solely antweight forum.

    Things to look forward to:
    Reviews of ant products written by you and the cru
    Guides on how to do things written by u and the cru.
    Links, lots of links to other useful sites.
    Event calender, where you can see upcoming ant events.
    Antweight of the month, voted by you through the forum.
    An Antweight database of antweights where you can views specs and images of the robots or even submit your robot.

    Thats all for now i will post when the site is up and running

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  3. Yep looks good Chris.

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    Wheres it gone?

    OOOOO my 100th post mmmmmmm 100

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    The antweights only cost £150.
    There 12kg.
    Ill build one!

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