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Thread: Predictions?

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    I think Bigger Brother and Firestorm will have no trouble in melee 2 (they have lower ground clearances and the other two have self-righting trouble) so expect it to be over quickly, but in melee 1 anyone could go through - as King B and Pussycat are very slippery and difficult to finish off, Behemoth is good but has self-righting trouble and Dantomkias ground clearance on the sides leaves it open to attack from anything. Expect all 4 robots to survive and the judges to decide.

    I still think Firestorm will win though. (unless Chriss Firestorm will not win comments are a spoiler in disguise)

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    Thz didnt pull out ages before the filming, they just never showed up and didnt answer any calls. And when they finally arrived they had their robot in pieces !!!

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    Thz is not the kind of robot you bodge toghether in a couple of days. Its very likely John was working franticly on it, but just couldnt make it in time. And instead of just staying away, he made an effort to show up.


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    I just happened to be present at the spot when they showed up during the qualifications for the tech-check that every Seed had to undergo and they admitted that their robot was not ready. Unless they are VERY good liars I perceived their dismay as being genuine.

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    Yes, they actually only appeared because they were sure 5 would make something of it. John Reid actually said so himself.

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