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Thread: Predictions?

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    It was at Deb, i gave Tan 3 big whacks at their behind after flying over the top of their claws, turned around and gave em 2 big whats of the big huge ram at the back. Mario tells me they had to take the ram apart from re weld parts etc, the ram ceased to work again at Deb right Babs? Not sure.

    Drives her like a natural extension of his body - hmmm one way of putting it. Put the name of the bot with ur sentance and well - hmmm - not going any further.

    Just wait till Sunday, i dont drive her that bad :sad:

    Mr Stu

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    Perhaps people are so keen to write off Pussycat because of its poor performance in series 7, and that it was (recently) beaten by...Chompalot!!! And seeing it chucked out of the arena in Extreme 2 certainly didnt help, but who knows, they could do well, cos a good design can work for a long long time, just look at Biohazard and Razer.

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    Dont diss Kat 3 , such a great bot to watch and the team are All stars, great team. Not saying nothing else - just stop dissing teams and watch the show.

    Mr Stu

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