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Thread: No review today

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    Due to being required elsewhere in the house, I had to set the timer for Robot Wars. The video chose halfway through the program to eff up, meaning Ill have to catch next weeks repeat. Sorry Frank fans:sad:

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    Wow, the Raging Knightmare team are such sore losers.

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    Now thats very unfair. and its not a very nice thing to say. I dont agree.

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    Considering Frank is unable to give us his usual review, Ill do one (not wooty though);

    BATTLE 1

    The position with Flippa stuck and Ewe perched on the arena wall was interesting...I half-expected the Refbot to nudge Ewe OOTA, but then of course Robochickens flipper failed and it got counted out.


    Growler got flipped, Cassius Chrome got flipped into the pit by Gravity but somehow got free, Mr Psycho attacked Gravity, which stopped moving. Behemoth hit Mr Psycho, eventually its axe broke off, crowd decision gave it to the competitors.

    BATTLE 2

    Flippa never made it in. Another interesting situation, Raging Knightmare perched over the pit (and in my opinion, in), but Ewe 2 stuck on its side...Ewe went out eventually.

    BATTLE 3

    Once again, the three-robot stage sees two others ganging up on the weaker one...Raging Knightmare, flipped everywhere, and got into the same position as before. A hilarious moment, seeing Knightmare stuck over the pit and Kan-Opener stuck in mid-air. Eventually Knightmare went in.


    A few flips, and Ripper decided that it would give itself limited movement. Eventually it stopped moving altogether, and Refbot counted it out. Kan-Opener caught fire at end.

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    Andrew Jackson
    OverDrive, TransparAnt
    Ill write a wootyer review later

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    And Ill be going to the Panic Attack forum.

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    At one point in the first battle, only Ripper and Kan Opener were mobile, the other bots either perched on the sidewall or broken down completely.

    Craig taking the mickey out of the oh-so-serious Knightmare team (So youre better engineers... and youre better looking!) was classic.

    Ripper, as always, great entertainment. And well done to Kan Opener for winning.

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    You could sense that he was taking the pi$$. It was very amusing I must say.

    Sorry but that annihilator was quite boring tbh. The two very first annihilators were brilliant. I am talking about the North and South annihilators won by Spikeasaurus and Razer respectively. Funnily enough at the end of my recording of this programme was the old South annihilator from ages ago. I ended up watching that again it was much better.

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    Best bits: House Robot Rebellion

    Worst bits: Ripper failing to win in the final. But well done, Kan Opener.

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    A bit of inside info for you guys.

    The real reason Flippa never made it into the arena for the second round fight was that I pulled his ariel off while we were arming the robots backstage :sad:

    I was lowering the flipper of EWE2 after gassing up, and his ariel was in the way. So I brushed it to one side to let my flipper down, and his ariel came off in my hand.

    Bad soldering was to blame so he told me afterwards!


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