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Thread: No review today

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    Then why dont you use four separate fire extinguisher valves for filling the ram? The flow will be good and it will still be quite cheap.

    Just remeber to use two inlet holes for your ram, as it wont matter much otherwise.

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    dear Christian, I DO know how to build a powerfull flipper, trust me

    G4 will be built as said, extra fire - extuinguishers mean more money more work...

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    It was just a suggestion...

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    leorcc's Avatar

    Hoogvliet, The Netherlands
    Chistian, he has built the flipper most roboteers wet their pants if they go up against it. Eventhough youre suggestion is meant well, its like telling Mike Tyson how to box.

    Now if youd told me that, i would actually have learned something new.


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    I didnt mean it as an insult, it was just a suggestion. I apoligize if you feel offended by this, as it wasnt my intention.

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    Did anyone notice how against Ripper in the corner in the last round of the annihilator Mr. Psycho got de-tracked? I didnt notice first time round but just re-watching the ep today i saw him take heavy damage. It was pretty funny, he stopped moving altogether afterwards, perhaps the house robot rebellion was too much for him.

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    Why dont they do another set of North and South annihilators like they did in Series 4? Or some other themes, like all discs, all flippers, all axes, all crushers etc.

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    @ christian:

    no problem, I didnt see it as an insulte, hence the
    Im just not gonna put ANY money in the bot, need to save up some money cause Im buying a house, among other things...

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    George: yes, I noticed (and even posted - now in the first archive page of this thread). Everyone ignored me though, because Im so dull and insignificant and prone to ranting (twins). :-)

    Certainly looked as though Psycho was having trouble. Can anyone who was there confirm? Its hard to tell from the footage - the tracks may have been bending rather than coming off.


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