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Thread: No review today

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    About the House robot Rebellion.

    Growler got flipped, and Cassius flipped in to the pit. Now the pit was doiwn , but ascended , but Cassius was still on his side.A few sturdy nudges from Refbot, and he was free to do what he wanted.

    The reason Gravity stopped was simple. The arial came of after a full hit from Psycho.So the failsafes on the speedos worked, but the one on the weapon, a lot less sensitve ,was still working.

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    Came of in my hand guv honest yeh right Ian

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    And it just goes to prove that Mentorn do their best to make the House Robot Rebellions fixed.

    ...Of course it didnt help when it went to an audience vote!

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    it was a ok show. GRAVITY WD nearly flipped physcho lol

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    Yes, but still;

    - Floor flipper going off when robots drive across it

    - The refbot helps out if a house robot is in trouble

    - Pit is raised if HR is in it

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    Cassius Chrome isnt a bad house robot when its spining around, did you see how far it knocked Behemoth away!!

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    It was depressing to watch. There really wasnt much Behemoth could do. It just drove around bumping into things, its axe fell off after tickling Mr Psycho, and it lost all traction towards the end. Damn fairy liquid.

    A brave fight nonetheless

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    what happened to Psycho at the end it looked like he had broken down.

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    The axehit in the backpanel did cause Psycho to stop completely.

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