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Thread: Yorkshire

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    I would be up for a social somewhere in West Yorkshire in the next month or two.

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    I'd be up for that. If your location is accurate, i'm in Huddersfield most weekends (friday & saturday) Friday, i'm there as i volunteer at the rail station, saturday I'm usually gaming with friends. I'm also currently free most days, as is my flatmate who is interested in robot combat (we're currently trying to do a featherweight), he'll be along too no doubt.

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    Sounds good to me. Perhaps we could meet at one of the rail station pubs, if it's not too noisy. I would need to check any date with my team member, Neil. I am building a heavyweight flipper and have got back into it this year after a 10 year pause.

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    Weekends the two pubs can get quite busy, as they're part of the ale trail, but if the meeting is done at a time around that, it'll probably be fairly manageable noise wise. Sounds like we might get a fair few to any possible meet this time.

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    I can personally do either. 7PM will only be mega busy if its a match day, and with 'uddersfield in the Premier League, i've noticed it more busy and rowdy, as to be expected really.

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    So would a Friday evening be better? The Kings Head always seems much quieter than the Head of Steam - unless you know differently.

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    Kings Head is indeed usually the quieter of the two. I can do either and any of the days, so best to wait and see what others can / can't do.

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    If this is a Friday eveing from next week onwards then I'll come along too. I'm based in Sheffield.

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