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Thread: How many robots?

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    To what Frank said, it depends who else is in the TAN/Rawbot melee.

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    typhoon was in the TAN/Rawbot melee.


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    But I heard that Typhoon wasnt in, and what about the other melee?

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    i think it was the middle weight Typhoon, not the heavey weight one in the world champinships

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    Thats a bit unfair fighting robots twice its size.

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    What about that dutch champion?

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    typhoon_driver's Avatar

    Gary Cairns
    Hornet 2 - retired Boner - retired Smidsy - Sold 540 - Sold PP3D - Active
    we werent in any of the world championship competitions with any of our robots.

    We pulled out of the WC because we only had 2 sets of batteries and they were also used in the middleweight so we decided to give up on the WC and enter the middleweight contest.

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    Thats a bit unfair fighting robots twice its size

    So who cares what happens to robots twice its size?

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    George: Occasionally.


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    Ansgar will end up against Storm II and Tornado.

    The Typhoon/TAN/Rawbot melee is without Typhoon2.
    So the Swedish Pushbox with Drill( bosch 750s, 4QD 36V 120 pro speedos, industrial gearboxes and 4wd on wet kart tyres) will have to handle it with TAN

    Pulveriser is in another melee, but dont ask me what one. I was working at that moment.
    The camping site had to be cleaned.

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