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Thread: WC Qualifiers

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    The Razer team were suggesting that they thought theyd be World Champions forever because the BBC would never again stump up the winners fee, so it wouldnt surprise me if theres a fair sized pot. Somehow I doubt its the $250,000 or whatever that you get in the AOD game, though. :-)


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    I think it was $10,000

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    So as the competition gets harder the winners fee gets smaller - somehow that logic does not appeal to me. I was very surprised with the 25k in the first place, it seems like a huge amount of money.

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    Compared to the time of the roboteers and the expenses of a robot? If you dont get sponsored for a lot of it, something of the calibre of Storm or Typhoon is going to be very expensive, and many roboteers wouldnt take long to rack up a similar fee in consultancy rates (certainly less than the time spent on most robots).

    Its got to be enough to make it worth trying for even though you probably wont win it. £3000 covers few modern robots in raw parts, let alone time, and with the house robots able to inflict arbitrary damage... Id rather enter a competition with the same prestige, no winners fee, but a tap-out for losses.


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    Very true in some respects. However, my original statement is meant to suggest that the main UK Championship was certainly much more challenging than the First World Championship (not implying that it was easy to win just that the majority of international robots were just competitors from the UK fighting for another country - for example Killerhurtz for the Czech Republic)

    Therefore why was the prize for the WC disproportionately large?

    In addition, how the hell did they get Marc Thorpe to even walk 100 miles within the event let alone present the trophy?

    Finally, Mauler was banned in Britian for what reason - was it simply too powerful for the UK arena?

    Thanks in advance mc_blue (patiently waits for Andrew to make a loooong post )

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    Mauler was banned because one was worried about the welding on it. At least that was what was said on telly.

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    The buzz on the offical forum of the time also led me to believe it had something to do with the disproportunate amount of time it took for it to spin down post-fight too....

    Indeed, looking at old Battlebots seemed to have to use the sidewall to slow itself down!!

    Anyway, thats what I remember reading at the time, dont forget Im just the messenger on this one, no shooting!

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    Thanks for your patience, MC - but, although I hate to disappoint my loyal fans, Ive actually got nothing much to add!

    (btw, Id presumed, at the time, there was a problem getting to Maulers removable link - but without having seen any other full body spinners at the time I may not have been basing that theory on anything. Where *is* Maulers link?)


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    I do remember in Maulers fight against Nightmare in Season 1 they started crashing against Nightmare and the sides of the arena trying to slow down

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