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Thread: The fate of RW???

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    Not for certain (one way or the other) until the start of the new financial year, when the channels decide how much dosh they have, and whether Robot Wars brings in the revenue. This happens every year!

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    if not, Typhoon 2 will be the champion for life

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    or someone to buy the rights to Robot Wars off Five.

    Ive an idea, why doesnt someone with a large wallet from FRA buy the telly rights and ask somepeople on a show to show the shows. This will never work off course.

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    The rights to RW are owned by a large, multinational TV company, not by Five. Five bought the rights to air RW series 7, it may buy the rights to air series 8.

    It is very unlikely that anybody with less money than a Murdoch could stump up enough money to purchase the Robot Wars format rights - certainly nobody in the FRA!

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