So. Not only do we have four robots in this annihilator instead of 6, the entire line up has been changed as well for some reason, and in fact the annihilator line up strongly resembles the final line up instead. Strange.

Storm 2 vs Tornado

Fairly even at first, with both robots edging around and shoving. It looked like Tornado had the lower scoop for one thing. However Storm got one lift in, turned the champ over and that was that. There was some running around but Tornado just couldnt do anything useful and was slammed all over the arena. No offense to the Tornado boys but I found it quite funny to see Tornado get a taste of its own medicine Great fight.

Dodgy editing watch

Refbot opened the pit, which Tornado was dumped on as it lowered. The camera cut away for a second, and the next thing we saw the pit was in its fully raised position allowing Tornado to drive off.

Winner: Storm 2

Typhoon vs X-Terminator

X-Terminator just wasnt quick enough to attack Typhoon before it got away and spun up. As i thought, Typhoon had the longer reach so X-Terminator couldnt attack it without taking damage. So like Tornado before it, X-Terminator got a bit of its own medicine. Although it wasnt as funny. Another great fight, and the arena getting destroyed was a bonus

Winner: Typhoon 2

Tornado vs X-Terminator

X-Terminator was moving and spinning but I dont think theyd gotten all the damage fixed, and were still ailing for most of the fight before they broke down. The Matilda came in and did some more damage. Nice one. This was the only fight I felt was below par, because I dont think X-Terminator was runnign at 100%.

Winner: tornado

Storm 2 vs Typhoon 2

I thought Storm 2 would suceed where everyone else failed, and reach Typhoon before it spun up. however they didnt, and for what seemed like quite a while Storm 2 couldnt get near Typhoon without taking a wallop or three. Then they got the lifter under and things got very tense. Would Typhoon be rolled over? But the answer was no as Storm 2 couldnt seem to dislodge Typhoon! When they managed, it fell back on its wheels but didnt spin up for a while! Then it started and again for a while Storm 2 couldnt get near although Typhoon nearly bounced into the pit twice. Then storm 2 was on top for the rest of the fight, but didnt suceed in finishing off Typhoon and it went to the judges! Fight of the night, and we finally find out how the judges mark. Better late than never I guess. Muchos congratulations to team Typhoon, muchos comiserations to team Storm, and the ultimate proof that armour is only as good as what holds it in place

Winner: Typhoon 2

Typhoon 2 vs Arena

The arena didnt stand a chance! It may be bullet proof, but it needs to be Typhoon proof.
Incidentally Gary, it looked like the second smashing was done on purpose. Was it?