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Thread: A review of a weird annihilator. Woot anyway.

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    well im not going to contradict any comments, those are yours to make and feel free to say we didnt deserve the win.

    we didnt enter the world champ because we only had 2 sets of batteries and these were also in use in the middleweight because as i said on the show, we didnt expect to get far and so had no spares. Hense we decided to enter the middleweights. That was typhoon 2s last battle in series 7

    the weapon was fully working at the end of the battle, the only problem was with the temperatures inside stalling the engine, but after some time to cool down it was fine.

    the reason for the weapon spin up, as far as i can understand is that the director wanted to continue the battles as if nothing had happened, hense same positions in the arena etc.

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    sorry gary but i disagree what i posted was not a comment but fact! i have just watched the final again and you can see typhoon lose a drive chain and the weapons system wasnt working whatever the reason doesnt matter and the fact it was fine later on isnt the point. its odd that you havnt admitted in any of your posts that you lost one how could you guys take the trophy on the basis you took no damage when you must have known you took damage

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    I think he would know if the robots drive chain fell off, you only saw something on the tv which no-one else did, I am pleased Typhoon won, little controversal but it was a very close fight

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    Oh dear; this was always going to be a lets get at Gary thread, even though most of us are trying to be nice about it. A pity that when someone so friendly and active on this forum wins a championship, he cant enjoy it!

    Gary - thanks for the clarification about the batteries; I just wondered, it wasnt an accusation! Congratulations on buffering them well enough (teach team Whyachi...) As for the motor, sounds fine to me, we wouldnt complain if a flippers flip gets less powerful as the system ices up. Just wasnt clear from the footage.

    As for the business of spinning up, that in no way reflects badly on you (just as Tornado having a go at Razer while it was stuck under the angle grinder doesnt reflect badly on them) - its just another example of the director having what could be considered to be an unfair influence on fights. Perhaps they were thinking of editing out the arena damage, like they did when Growler broke it it in Extreme 2.

    Anyway, chain aside (I didnt see this, so Ill have to have another look, but if Gary says there was no damage then Ill believe him) it sounds as though damage certainly goes to Typhoon - although Id say not by a lot, since it was largely self-inflicted. I dont trust the judges as far as I can throw them to spot anything wrong with a machine, though, ever since the Extreme Warriors fiasco (regardless of peoples opinion of the result, and Ive not seen the fight, obvious mistakes seem to have been made).

    I *am* dubious about the points for style, if Craig wasnt making that up, but if were sticking to that decision then my feeling is that Gary won the fight (more through Eds doing than his own, although not entirely so, and Typhoon still had to be built to stand up to the punishment) but that between the re-spinup and the house robots the fight itself was unfair (as some previous fights have been).

    As for handing over the trophy, I dont think Gary can be blamed for not doing that. Hes not just representing the people in the control booth, but all the people in his squadron who worked on it. I dont think we can complain if he didnt want to deny them the reward for all the work theyd put in without giving them a say - and Im sure the award will do more good in publicity for the cadets than it would on Eds shelf (so long as Gary keeps being active in the FRA, of course!)

    So, again, well done Gary, and Ed: you were robbed, but you might have left the keys in the door. :-)

    Will we next see Storm 2 with an extension on the lifter so that it can turn over wide robots like Typhoon 2?


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    Fistly well done to typhoon 2 for winning.
    Secondly, I personally dont think the desision would of been right if the points for style control damage and aggresion were the same but the FACT is they are not so typhoon should clearly og one as you all saw the several pieces of storm 2 ed was handed back

    Thirdly Gary had every right to keep that trophy george, I know that it takes a lot of effort to build a full body spinner, but a petrol one as well...
    any way they worked hard and ok, so you dont think they deserved to win it because the desision was wrong however what ever you think on the final you cant really deniy the fact that they achieved a huge amount during the seventh wars which i believe if worthy of a tropy

    now i know storm II achieved a hell of a lot too but they atleast had some experiance compared to typhoon 2.

    any way, thats what i think

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    First of all, it seems very likely that the director wanted to continue the battle as if nothing had happened, which is why Typhoon was allowed to spin up.

    As for accusing Gary of lying about Typhoons drive chain and weapon motor, if he says that he didnt notice any damage, then I belive him!

    Gary Simmons, I strongly think that you should appoligize to him.

    As for the decision, remember that the fight was edited and that the judges saw a lot more than we did. So if they say that Typhoon had more style, then who are we to argue?

    As for the damage, the judges inspected the robots far closer than what youve done. So if they say there was less damage to Typhoon, I belive them!

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