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Thread: Congratulations Typhoon

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    Looked like some internal chassis members came out. Apart from that it seemed in perfect working order at the end.

    Am I mistaken in thinking that Typhoons weapon motor occasionally stalls, but can be restarted?

    Congratulations to both teams, to build machines that are so completely reliable and so very effective at what they do is a major achievement.

    Also well-done to BOTH drivers, that was a breath-taking fight!

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    Typoon has an on-board 1hp engine starter motor.

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    I heared about a fight in the grand final (THE final I think it was) that was recorded on two days. Typhoon had smashed the arenaside wall, then the weapon stopped working and then the fight was stopped to repair the arena. Then the next day when the arena was fixed, the Typhoon boys insisted on repairing their weapon before going on with the bout. The crew wanted them to go on as they had stopped, but as the Typhoon guys wouldnt budge they had no choice but to let them repair the weapon of Typhoon.

    Ive heared this from various Dutch roboteers who were there. As I couldnt be sure if it were the first or second fight of Typhoon in the grand Final I phrased the first sentence this way.

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    Well Done Typhoon, to be honest it could have gone either way, what a great way to end the best series of Robot Wars ever

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    I dont know who im most impressed with, Typoon 2 for winning or Gary for being able to contain himself for all these months

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