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Thread: Not this week

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    Im sorry to tell everyone but the house robot rebelian and annhilator are on this Sunday and the grand final is on the next again sunday

    Looks like Five arent content with shifting the times about but the entire programs have to be swapped aswell!

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    Does anybody know where the main FIVE studio is? I have some dynamite Id like to get rid of.

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    that may be the case, it would make sense but then FIVE probably just want to keep us waiting

    and andrew you can find this info on the FIVE website at

    Quoted from the FIVE website -

    Robot Wars (Game Show)
    Time - 13:45 - 14:50 (1 hour and 5 minutes long)
    When - Sunday 7th March on Five
    Craig Charles and Jayne Middlemiss present another edition of the action-packed game show in which engineers pit their home-made robots against one another. This weeks edition is a real free-for-all, as six robots battle it to be declared Annihilator champion. Plus three teams challenge the house robots in House Robot Rebellion.
    (Subtitles, Stereo)

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    Who are the three teams in the house robot rebellion? I know that this is not really the place to talk about this but I am only aware (or remember) Gravity and Behemoth. Who was team number three?

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    there was only those two. Big bro were due to go in gravitys place.

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