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Thread: Odds on winning Series 7

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    Yes, I thought Id post my opinions on the chances of each robot winning;

    Storm 2: 2/1
    Typhoon 2: 5/1
    Tornado: 10/1
    X-Terminator: 12/1

    Tight between Storm and Typhoon on winning, I think.

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    Hmm, well mine are a bit similar (shame bookmakers dont run bets on this sport)
    Storm 2 (16): 2 to 1
    Typhoon 2: 4 to 1
    Tornado (1): 5 to 1
    X-Terminator (11): 15 to 1

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    Itd be a bit daft of them running bets on an event that happened last summer, and allow them to be based on the TV showings

    -- Kev

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    Suppose, but what can ya do?

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    Yeah, Id certainly make Storm II favourite, but knowing the 6th round draw Id have to go like this:

    Storm II: 2/1 (could beat everyone)
    Typhoon: 5/1 (should beat XT but might struggle against the pushers)
    Tornado: 7/1 (could beat the spinners but faces Storm II first)
    X-Terminator: 10/1 (will probably struggle against everyone)

    Similar to everyone elses odds, really.

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    Surely these odds are just another way of stating your opinions?

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    Seems as though most of you got the odds badly wrong.

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