Thanks to the combined efforts of both Mentorn and Mr. Reaper, I knew every result of this semi. Thanks a bundle everyone.

Firestorm vs Mute

Well we all knew Mute was probably lucky to even be here... We also knew that self-wronging was going to be a problem, so I suppose this wouldnt have been a surprise anyway. The highlight was definiterly Mute helping Firestorm to propel it out of the arena

Winner: Firestorm

Storm 2 vs Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper was out-manouvered from the word activate and battered around the arena... The almost got Storm 2 on the flipper once but not quite, but overall this was Storm 2s match. Incidentally, Grim Reaper is the only robot in S7 to go to the judges for all its matches.

Winner: Storm 2

Typhoon 2 vs thermidor 2

Charge miss, hit, house robots. That... Pretty much sums the fight up. I wouldnt mind knowing what killed the lobster though.

Winner: Typoon 2

Atomic vs M2

Quite a fast paced battle, this, with Atomic ion top for most of the fight. It may be a high preassure flipper, but it still seems to have a lot of gas. The bit where Atomic was on the side wall would have been tense if I didnt know theyd won the fight, and the only really unexpected bit was M2 flying OOTA but once Atomic had them trapped against the wall it seemed kinda inevitable. Fight of the night.

Winner: Atomic

Storm 2 vs Firestorm

I expected this fight to be closer, but the trouble for people fighting Storm 2 is, youre just recovering from one slam, when it gets under you again... Fighting robots like that are going to breed roboteers with reflexes like greased lighting. Lets face it, itll have to unless everyone wants Storm to win everthing Anyway, again Storm 2 was pretty dominant as although Firestorm got under a few times, Storm just flew off the wedge and they couldnt get hold of it. Good fight anyway.

Winner: Storm 2

Atomic vs Typhoon 2

Atomic finally did what all the other flippers failed to do, and got to Typhoon 2 in time and flipped it! It rolled over again, but it looked like beating the FBS from hell would be a formality for the farmers, but then they went and did a Chaos 2 and flipped themselves, and then it pretty much looked like a pipe had burst, rendering Atomic immobile. Then Typhoon went and hit it a couple of times anyway, floor flipper, pit.

Winner: Typhoon 2