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Thread: Spoilers

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    Lets jst pray to the big guy that there are no spoilers of the final at the end of the second semi

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    i know the results, yes

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    its about time a spinner won.

    Well, Roadblock had that saw, rephrases top line to saw

    Its about time a Full bodied spinner won

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    Who knows, it may happen this year?

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    Typhoon 2 certainly has the power to win this outright. But after seeing my previous faves for the title, Gravity, going out, my moneys on Storm 2 (not that im foolish enough to place a bet on such an open contest).

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    Typhoon can do 5mm-8mm ti, and most of the time just rips panels off. So if Typoon comes to
    Storm II, get ready to watch the sparks fly

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