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Thread: Likely No Flippers in Grand Final

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    [I call Storm 2 an electric well engineered arm]

    That got posted wrong, it seems like I said Storm 2 is an arm. DOH!

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    Storm 2 has a lifter, but it can flip. I suppose its what it was originaly deisgned for. SO Ed, is it a lifter or a flipper?

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    Straight from http://www.stormrobot.com

    - Electro-mechanical lifter mechanism jointly designed by the Storm and Terrorhurtz teams

    So its a lifter.

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    theyve only got that lifter so they can compete in series 7 as weaponless robots are banned

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    Same reason tornado put a small chain on thier wedge weapon

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    You mean the rotating toothpick?

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    quoteYer its funny how forums have been full of threads saying how its the year of the flippers
    and look how many flippers are through

    quoteI must take some of the stick for this, I was one of the main voices of the all flippers grand final think tank. But i still wouldnt rule out Atomic 2./quote

    I think I should take more stick than anyone else, as I was the chief pessimist about the dominance of flippers in the heats - but in this case Im glad to be eating my words over it. Some interesting stats:

    1st war: 1 flipper (grand final)
    2nd war: 3 flippers (semis) down to 1 (grand final)
    3rd war: 3 flippers (4th round) down to 2 (6th round)
    4th war: 5 flippers (4th round) down to 1 (6th round)
    5th war: 5 flippers (4th round) down to 2 (6th round)
    6th war: 4 flippers (4th round) down to 1 (6th round)
    7th war: 11 flippers (4th round) down to 0 (6th round)

    Quite ironic really, that the war that produces more flippers in the 4th round than any other, produces less flippers than any other in the 6th round.

    And Storm 2 has a lifter, as robots dont get flung into the air by compressed gas and OOTA when its used. And the motion is different to a flipper (ie. upwards then forwards in a controlled motion rather than an accelerating thrust in a single arc). It resembles BioHazards arm, which is classed as a lifter.

    Could come in useful though, should it meet a spinner. (as one cant self-right and the other one has difficulty, although that stick they put on above the disc will help greatly)

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    Actually, there were two flippers in the Final of S2; Panic Attack and Cassius.

    Also, Steg-O-Saw-Us could be classed as a flipper, because of the rear lifting tail.

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    The forks werent used back then? How did they flip Whirling Dervish without any lifting devices, then?

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