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Thread: Woot a semi... Woot a review

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    The removal of a buffertank did cause him to make more wheelies due to weightloss in a significant place.
    And the new Gravity ? Who knows what that crazy Friesian will come up with ?

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    Friesian? Like a cow?

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    Yeah, dont they have their own language etc.

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    Cows? They just moo dont they?

    -- Kev

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    New version of gravity will be simple. Nothing fancy, just a 67mm bore x 3200 stroke full pressure flipper powered by 1 2 litre buffertank through 1 fire extinguisher valve.

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    Hehe (feeds WJ a handful of grass)

    Shouldnt that be 320 stroke tho rather than 3200?

    -- Kev

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    Is it just me, or did Gravitys front tend to skip upwards? I noticed this when they fought Lightning, but it didnt cause any problems there. However, when they fought Tornado, it seemed like this had a detrimental effect on their ground clearance, making their flips more difficult. Any idea what caused this?

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    Not enough weight on the front end wil do this. The wheels sort of want to drive away under the cassis. A lower centre of gravity should fix this, but thats dificult to do in most cases.

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