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Thread: Woot a semi... Woot a review

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    OK, thank you to whoever made the blue rinse intro, showing us Tornado fighting Gravity. Thank you VERY MUCH

    Tornado vs Raging Knightmare

    Tornado on top for the entire fight... Raging Knightmare got broadsided once and never recovered. Flipping itself over twice certainly didnt help, especially when Tornado rammed it hard into the wlal while upside down, which is probably what broke the flipper. A quick and efficient dispatch if ever there was one. Shunt got tipped over though, so I enjoyed this fight

    Winner: Tornado

    Gravity vs Dantomkia

    ...Gravity caught Dantomkia with the ultimate sucker punch, not only flipping it OOTA, but destroying the record of fastest OOTA, previously held by Dantomkia. Thanks to the blue rinse into, the only surprising thing was the speed of the fight.

    Winner: Gravity

    X-Terminator vs St. Agro

    St. Agro never stood a chance. They got in a couple of failed attacks, but took some vital blows as they did so, and never got in a good position after that, taking numerous attacks from X-Terminator and the house robots, eventually bowing to the inevitable.

    Winner: X-Terminator

    Bulldog Breed vs Tough as Nails

    Flipping, shoving, clamping, pulling... It all went on in this fantastic fight! Bulldog Breed was on top for just about the entire fight, and thanks to their thick armour didnt take much, if any damage from Tough as Nails, and managed to out-shove it as well. The judges made a good call, and seeing there was no contraversy to spoil it, this has to be fight of the night

    Winner: Bulldog Breed

    Tornado vs Gravity

    Ooh, Tornado go back to the spinning toothpick ...Sorry. Chain flail. At least this time I actually noticed some motion blurs so I take back my coment from heat E/A about Is there a weapon there. And its probably what gave Gravity the eventually fatal punctured tyre, although Gravity still managed to get two very impressive flips in on Tornado... They didnt manage to finish it off while it was inverted though, so down the pit they went.

    Winner: Tornado

    X-Terminaotr vs Bulldog Breed

    A bit of a rehash of the St. agro fight... Bulldog failed to get one good attack in, and their flipper plate got knackered RIGHT up meaning they couldnt get under X-Terminator at all, who then proceeded to batter the dog all over the arena. Owchies. But then the bulldog team should know not to take a pooch up against an exterminator

    winner: X-Terminator


    WHO DID THE ****ING NEXT WEEK CLIP?! It went and spoiled every single first round battle for us!!!

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    Thanks for the warning

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    Cheers, wont watch it now, have sky + it and as bulldog v X-terminator is foregone conclusion i have decided to read the reviews now

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    What an Excellent Semi, and waddaya know, all but one of my predictions were proved right! Heres my view:

    ROUND 1

    Tornado V Raging Knightmare

    Well, thanks to some pisspoor editing at the start of this show, we all knew the outcome before the fight even began. Pretty boring way to start if you ask me, and very one-sided. A few mistimed flips by RK and some hard shoves against the arena wall, and they were down the pit. The outsome for this i believe was thoroughly predictable. However, shunt was flipped and that was cool, so it was fairly enjoyable. Seems as though even if Tornado use the disc, they can still push opponents around.

    Gravity V Dantomkia

    Again, editing decided the outcome before it even began. This fight was basically my prediction in action, that Dantomkia were flipped out in record time. How high did they go?? Also very one-sided, but fun.

    St.Agro V X-Terminator

    OUCH!! Awesome display by what must be for my money the most powerful UK disc ever. Never a chance for St.Agro, and i didnt think there would be. Once the flipper was bent out of shape, that was the end. They launched a few failed attacks and then XT let rip totally. A very impressive display overall.

    Bulldog Breed V Tough As Nails

    Not just the best fight of the semi, but what must be for me the best fight of the entire series. The only fight of the semi that was not all one-sided. Absoulutely awesome entertainment, TAN looked good as they came zooming out but from then on in Bulldog proved that TAN is pretty useless if it camt easily push opponents about. There was a moment when I thought Bulldog would be pitted, but i thought the judges made a good call. Ive watched robot wars ever since it first began and this is one of the greatest fights ive ever seen.

    ROUND 2

    Qualified: Tornado, Gravity, X-Terminator, Bulldog Breed

    Tornado V Gravity

    The only fight I hadnt guessed correctly, Tornado were soon all over Gravity like a bad rash. As soon as a wheel was punctued, the end was in sight for the dutch machine. A somewhat ignominous end for what i thought was going to be the series champ, as they wee outpushed and out controlled by an impressive Tornado machine. But to their credit they did find time to chuck Tornado sky high twice

    Bulldog Breed V X-Terminator

    As has been said before, basically a longer version of the St.Agro fight for XT. Bulldog failed a couple of early charges and then had the flipper bent and it was all over. XT then proceded to rip the metallic heart out of the dawg. But kudos must go to Bulldog, they lasted nearly to a judges and they took all XT could throw at them before ending up stuck on the arena wall. I thought that XT went a little OTT attacking Bulldog but the flipper did seem to be working on Bulldog near the end, so who knows? They put in a good show I thought despite being thorougly outclassed.

    Through to the final: Tornado, X-Terminator

    High points: Bulldog V TAN, Dantomkia going OOTA in 6 seconds, Shunt being flipped.

    Low points: None really, but seeing my all time favourite robot of series 7, Bulldog Breed, being mauled repeatedly kinda hurt.

    Next week: Semi 2.

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