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Thread: Woot a semi... Woot a review

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    LOL Frank

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    Sound good Tone, just hope it doesnt come up against XT.

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    :-) Thank you for setting me straight, WJ. I hope you took no offense at my comments.

    To be fair, it didnt look like your tyres were punctured so much as partly pushed off the wheels by the horns (in the small amount of coverage where you could see it) - or possibly punctured *in the process* of looking like they were about to come off the wheels, anyway. Any type of tyre would have struggled. Interesting tactic, and a detail of Tornado I hadnt really registered in the past (learn something new every day).

    But still, thanks for the demonstration of why I need to make time and weight available for puncture proof tyres. :-) I appreciate (even as a novice) that the weight is always a struggle and, although I think I knew, I *had* forgotten that Gravity was built so quickly - so you have my sympathy when it comes to time consuming details like sorting the wheels. I commend you for your building pace, and hope I get as proficient someday when I have to rebuild the bits of my robots that others leave scattered over the arena.

    The fearing thing is tongue-in-cheek - goodness knows your performance means that you have the right to be confident, but I did think that you were jinxing yourself the moment you said that. I guess your level of fear can be lower if you can build the things in four weeks (rather than, say, six months) anyway - less time lost if you get trashed! Oh to be so handy with a MIG welder.

    I look forward to seeing the next version of Gravity (with puncture proof tyres) in the future.


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