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Thread: Spoilers!

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    Erm I dont know if it is too late for you but at the end of Semi number one they showed lots of nice little spoilers, stupid idiots!

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    indeed i saw them cor why did they :sad:

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    Yes, in my opinion, 5 are trying to ruin Robot Wars, cant sort out what to show & what not to show.

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    Yes. They showed a ROUND 2 fight! I didnt have any problems with the preview for Semi-Final 1 - that just gave away a long-already known line-up - but thats pathetic.

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    i wish channel five never got robot wars now they have no respect for it. Wish they sort it out

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    chris chill mate remain calm

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    Its worse than you think. They showed BOTH round 2 fights.

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    Only good point is that my predictions for this look right. Whats even worse than that, Frank, is that they may even have spoiled a Round 2 fight by showing too much of it.

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