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Thread: Predictions?

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    Ill check thats accurate...

    Series 1 - Roadblock beat Bodyhammer on JD
    Series 2 - Panic Attack pitted Cassius
    Series 3 - Chaos 2 KOd Hypno-Disc
    Series 4 - Chaos 2 beat Pussycat on JD
    Series 5 - Razer beat Bigger Brother on JD
    Series 6 - Tornado beat Razer on JD

    ...Actually, I want this year to be another judges decision. Makes it more exciting.

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    Heres my predictions (now that I know the draw):

    Tornado vs. Storm II (semi)

    A dream encounter, one which could go either way - Storm II has more speed, power and better weapons/armour, however Tornado is more agile and better driven, plus it does have a small amount of ground holding at the back. Both have similar tactics, but I think Tornado will try and use the pit more than Storm II. But there is a small chance that Storm II could send Tornado OOTA, so its anyones guess really. It could well go to the judges, but if I had to put money on it, Id go for Storm II.

    Typhoon vs. X-Terminator (semi)

    Typhoon will easily get up to speed due to X-Terminator being slow and defensive. A nice big target, but possibly harder to immobilise due to the armour and all that empty space inside the chassis. But the proof of the pudding comes if the discs clash - horizontal always beats vertical. Typhoon to ensure that the final succumbs to extreme weather...

    Tornado vs. X-Terminator (playoff)
    Tornado will use a wedge weapon to protect from the spinner, and will easily outmanoevre X-Terminator (despite the defensive tactics of XT), get under it and push it around and eventually down the pit. Thus ensuring that the top 3 succumbs to extreme weather...

    Storm II vs. Typhoon (final)

    Typhoon will spin up to speed if it moves quickly enough, but Storm II is the best in the business when it comes to armour, and will resist the blows and send Typhoon flying with each hit, and Typhoon will either get broken or tipped over. My original prediction at the start of the 7th war - Storm II - will come true IMO.

    Whatever happens, the viewers will win - shame its the last RW final well ever see. (unless by some miracle RW comes back for an 8th war, which I seriously doubt)

    quoteSeries 3 - Chaos 2 KOd Hypno-Disc/quote

    Should read: Series 3 - Hypnodisc broke down and Chaos 2 flipped it with ease. (thanks to the inadequate 20-minute fix rule that existed back then)

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    Oh, yes, I remember...Hypno-Disc broke down...too late to edit it...Gearbox problems, wasnt it?

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    I dont think it has been recovered.

    *trys to think up with a robot damaged in one round and carrying on to the next round*

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