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Thread: Predictions?

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    No, heres the line-up for the Grand Final Eliminators, from what Ive heard;

    Typhoon 2 v. X-Terminator
    Storm 2 v. Tornado

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    No idea, I want Typhoon to win as my previous fav Gravity was untimely eliminated, But i think Storm 2 will do it

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    I take it this is how the eliminators will line
    up, but i might be wrong. Anyway, if it does line up like this, heres how i think it will happen:

    Finalists: Tornado, X-Terminator, Storm 2, Typhoon.

    Fight 1

    Tornado V X-Terminator

    X-T will likely get a max of 2 hits in, before being pushed around and eventually pitted by Tornado. I think it might take a while though as X-T is so big.

    Storm 2 V Typhoon 2

    My guess is Storm 2 to get in quickly and never give Typhoon a moments piece. Typhoon will not be allowed to get up to speed, but even if they do only superficial damage will be caused by the cutters. Storm 2 all the way.

    3rd place play-off (it there is one)

    X-Terminator V Typhoon 2

    The first hit will be vital, so im going for Typhoon 2, as X-Terminator will not catch them in time and cannot touch them without taking damage.


    Tornado V Storm 2

    Tornado will put up a fight good enough to go to a judges but against the superior traction of Storm 2 will be stopped for the first time ever. Storm 2 will win, the only hope for Tornado is if they use the chain flail and manage to get underneath Storm, so then they can do the pushing. I think Storm will win overall.

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    Well in the event of that ive said what i think will happen. Thanks for the info Mike.

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    Storm 2 will probably beat Tornado, and Typhoon 2 is likely to beat X-Terminator.

    Im not sure about the rest, though! It all depends wether the armour on Storm 2 will take a few hits. But theres already a discussion about this (

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    was that a spoiler

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