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Thread: Predictions?

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    Woo Hoo - were the only robot in everyones predictions

    .... so no pressure then guys :P


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    Oh definately Storm 2!!
    The X-Terminator, Typhoon 2 and Gravity

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    Storm 2, Typhoon 2, X-Terminator, and Tornado is what I think.

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    as you can can see from my prediction final 4 i did,nt pick gravity and why you think lol but torando and x termin so far GO STROM AND MUTE lol

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    Christopher Maddix has the best guess, as he couldnt lose.

    ALL the 16 robots have the letter T in their name.

    Heres the proof

    raging knighTmare
    sainT agro
    Tough as nails
    bulldog breed Three
    firesTorm five
    The grim reaper
    sTorm Two
    Thermidor Two
    Typhoon Two
    m Two

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    *Insert a rolling eyeball here*

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    (collects all the money from people who didnt realize that)

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    Hummm. Bulldog Breed, Grim Reaper and M2 containing Ts is highly dubious, but even if those three all got through theres still five final places that have to have Ts in em.

    -- Kev

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    heres my final line up as this finish in grand final

    (4th place) Tyhoon 2
    (3rd) Place) X terminator
    (2nd Place) Torando
    (1st) Place) Storm 2

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    I think the finalists will be (in order of what I think the top 4 will look like):

    1st: Storm 2
    2nd: Tornado
    3rd: Atomic
    4th: X-Terminator

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